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Ways to Shortlist OPT Candidates Successfully

January 6, 2022
Techfetch OPT Team
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Selecting OPT Candidates - Learn How

Amidst the ambitious work scenario prevailing in the US, have you ever wondered how challenging it is to find an ideal OPT candidate? It is undeniable that most international students in the US are freshers. Employers tend to get frequently discouraged by the intricacies of an OPT student hiring procedure. Are you interested in finding out how to ease the situation? Let us see how to shortlist a potential candidate by meeting and serving the clients' requirements.

  • Conduct a rapid student visa review of F1, M1 or J1 visa applications before onboarding them. This ensures that only eligible candidates enter, eliminating the need to screen their capabilities later.
  • Analyze the student's profile thoroughly. Ask yourself - Are they genuine? Can you count on them for a long-term work relationship? How effectively will they meet the client's requirements?

Though screening profiles are time-consuming and expensive, you should never avoid it. It serves as an essential step to shortlist the right candidate. So, why is it necessary to hire OPT candidates?

International students:

  • Offer diversity in the workplace.
  • Encourage the organization to identify better solutions.
  • Create new perspectives on various issues.

What Should Employers Know About Hiring OPT Students?

International students' working restrictions and eligibility revolve around the F1 visa. For a student aspiring to pursue studies in the US, this non-immigrant visa will be the elixir of their life.

  • Can enroll in any school, college or university for a diploma or full-time academic program.
  • On-campus tasks are unlimited.
  • Off-campus working is restricted during their first year of studies.

As they move to their second year of academics, students with F1 visas can take any of the below-mentioned employments.

Curricular Practical Training

A curricular practical training works with partnerships between the faculty and employers. So, what are the CPT work options?

  • Internships
  • Cooperative education
  • Practicums

Eventually, the designated academic faculty will take steps to fill the I-20 form to confirm their work eligibility.

Optical Practical Training

OPT is direct employment based on a student's academic specialization. However, candidates with an OPT job permit have working hour constraints. They must adhere to these rules:

  • Students can work only for 20 hours a week during their academic sessions.
  • Full-time work is permitted during their time off. Yet, 12 hours is the maximum time limit they receive until they gain an extension in the work period.

Students have to get associated with the US Immigration Service or their university to attain the appropriate work documentation. The employers do not get involved in any paperwork completion to obtain work authorization. However, you are accountable to review the students' documentation to check whether they have fulfilled all the criteria. Remember that checking the I-9 form will be the primary and vital step to confirm the candidate's eligibility to work.

Documents Required for I-9 Form

An I-9 form is the basic requirement of any F1 visa holder. It verifies the student's identity and eligibility to work under the OPT category. Now comes the important part while applying for an I-9 form. What are the required documents to be submitted?

  • Valid passport
  • I-20 form with the official academic center's approval for employment
  • Arrival and departure record discharged by State Department with the Form I-94 confirming F1 status

Picking the Right OPT Candidate – Tips & Guidance

Choosing the right OPT candidate may not be as easy as it sounds. Let us discuss how to perform it effortlessly.

Understanding Client Requirement

This is the basic step wherein you have to dive deep to understand your client's wants. If you end up doing this process negligently, you will be at risk of submitting the wrong candidate. As the clients' requirements are the ultimate objective of an employer, spend time analyzing and concluding their needs.

Selecting The Candidates

Candidates belong to a broad spectrum with various backgrounds. Millions of students enter the United States every year with a perspective to work. Therefore, identifying the right candidate to meet the client's requirements will be a strenuous procedure. However, you can make it possible by categorizing the students based on their:

  • Educational qualification
  • Visa status
  • Potential skills
  • Specialization
  • Experience
  • Location
  • Availability

Availing Expert Assistance

Seeking experts will ensure that the best OPT students are picked for the right job. With comprehensive knowledge and experience, professional recruiters will be able to screen the profile of any candidate with utmost precision in a short duration.

Serving Client Needs

Matching a candidate's profile with a client or hiring an employee is another challenging move. Understanding the client's needs is essential to engage and tie-up an appropriate OPT candidate. So, what is the basic driving factor here? To make things work right, it is necessary to determine the client's specific requirements and serve their needs correctly. This will ensure that the connection goes well without any confusion flawlessly.

Developing Bonds

Do you agree that building rapport is the foremost requirement for any relationship? The same applies even in the workplace. Do not forget to establish this before commencing any work project. Bear in mind that once a candidate develops a bond with the client or company, they will start enjoying the feeling of oneness. Finally, this will serve as a motivating factor for the OPT candidates to perform better at work.

The Takeaway

Although the steps mentioned in this article will help you narrow down resumes, you can hire portals as an easier method to choose the right candidate. Our experts actively offer customized services to satisfy your company's needs. TechFetch OPT is well-equipped with verified OPT students' resumes, and therefore, can save your time and energy in shortlisting procedures.

Contact us right away! We can move mountains for you!

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