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Ways to Shortlist OPT Candidates Successfully

Amidst the ambitious work scenario prevailing in the US, have you ever wondered how challenging it is to find an ideal OPT candidate? It is undeniable that most international students in the US are freshers.

An In-depth Analysis of OPT & Its Crucial Guidelines

Are you a student who has come to the US to pursue your higher education in the country's prestigious academic institutions? If you are, you are not alone. Higher education in the USA is a common dream shared by millions of students around the globe.

Your Ultimate "To-Do" List for STEM OPT Extension

There are a million students around the globe who aspire to pursue their higher education and careers in the USA. This globally-shared dream does not come cheap. Nor does it come easy for those who aren't aware of the complexities of the processes.

What Do Employers Gain By Hiring OPT Candidates?

Facts & Myths About OPT Candidates
The world scenario hasn’t changed much since the last decade. The US is still the top preferred destination for students to pursue studies and seek careers. Beliefs, assumptions, and myths about international students keep ringing in our ears throughout the year.

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