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What Do Employers Gain By Hiring OPT Candidates?

January 12, 2021
Techfetch OPT Team
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Facts & Myths About OPT Candidates

The world scenario hasn’t changed much since the last decade. The US is still the top preferred destination for students to pursue studies and seek careers. Beliefs, assumptions, and myths about international students keep ringing in our ears throughout the year. Maybe that is why employers think twice before hiring international students. They often assume that the students will leave after a few years.

Amidst various notions stating that international students are a hassle to work with, the reality is different. Let us dig into the facts.

  • It is easier to hire students under the OPT category in the US.
  • Candidates staying with a non-immigrant visa are worthy of bringing in more returns to the company.
  • F1 or J1 visa holders are not expensive to work with as they accept employment under any condition.

Benefits of Hiring OPT Students

Did you know that some magic magnets can easily identify international talents? The top higher education institutions in the US are the magnets that can identify potential skills amongst students. American companies always vouch for them. However, the same firms are accountable for creating career opportunities for international students as they graduate.

And, if you intend to hire OPT candidates, focus on their traits and best qualities first. Let us now take a look at the benefits of hiring OPT candidates:

Potpourri of Innovations

Millions of students throng into the workplace from different countries and create diversity in everything. Various cultures, social norms, language, and values bring about fresh perspectives. All these will help in gaining different insights into the same subject. This leads to various solutions and makes the employees think out of the box. Thus, new ideas crop up and create constant innovation.

OPT candidates facilitate internationalization and globalization in established or start-up companies. What is their potential, and how do they create magic in the workplace? The answer is – International students have no limits. They are not bound to one nation. Being a powerful asset wherever they work, OPT candidates can provide numerous connections from their overseas networks.

Strength of Diversity

Diversity improves work performance. It has nothing to do with political correctness or meeting quotas. So, what does it exactly do?

  • Blends domestic talents into the work culture.
  • Fulfills diverse initiatives from language to religion and race to nationality.
  • Helps expand markets and bring about technological development.
  • Help the team solve a problem better with diverse thinking patterns.

Unique and Adaptable

OPT candidates are risk-takers who have an inbuilt quality of adaptability. Do you realize they have left their home and got accustomed to a new place without choosing the conventional path? This helps them gain an adjustable quality. International students continuously take the initiative to come out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. Therefore, they have the upper hand to reflect the same in their work ethics.

Flexible and Open-minded

OPT candidates adjust to new surroundings and learn from them quickly. But how? International students:

  • Experience culture shock at some point in time.
  • Adjust to the differences in culture and try to succeed in their academics simultaneously.
  • Ignore differences, make friends and get familiar with their surroundings quickly.

Nobody can deny that the points mentioned above require huge balance and flexibility. Hence, international students develop the qualities to learn fast and be open-minded with everything.

Crave for Opportunities

As OPT students spend huge amounts on their college education. Hence they aspire to get them back as wages. The pay scale is undoubtedly better in the United States than in other developing countries. So they are hungry for work and will definitely grab the first opportunity they get. If any candidate returns to their nation, it might be only due to hurdles like immigration and lack of work opportunities.

Unwavering Loyalty

A candidate holding an F1 student visa or H-1B work visa with an OPT extension will not quit a job easily. It is because quitting can jeopardize their immigration status and also force them to comply with various reporting requirements and rules. Hence, they always try to stay loyal to the company.

Know More About Hiring OPT Candidates

This briefing is sure to change your perspective on hiring OPT. Want to gain in-depth knowledge on how? Let’s go!

1. It is perfectly normal to hire international students without a Green card. Students with F1 and J1 visas belong to a category where they are expected to work within specific limits. One such limitation is that they must only work related to their field of study. Their work permit details include:

  • Practical training for F1 students
  • Academic training for J1 students

2. It is cost-effective to hire international students. Time and effort to screen and interview are the only valuable aspects to sacrifice. The highlighting fact is that the company will save money as international students are exempted from FICA and Medicare taxes.

3. Paperwork is limited while employing an F1 student. Students, USCIS, and the school handle the initial paperwork. For CPT, only a job offer letter is required. In contrast, OPT students do not even need the offer letter.

4. International students do not require work authorization when employment is offered. However, as they begin the actual employment process, they need to obtain the work authorization and related documents. Students can ask for time to produce them.

5. US Permanent residency or green card is not an immediate requirement while hiring international students. Without green card:

  • A student can work for 12 months
  • STEM students can work up to 24 months
  • H-1B visa holders will get additional 6 years

6. An internship does not require any paperwork with the USCIS in the event of no stipends or compensations. However, international students will have to get academic and practical training permission if it is a paid internship.

7. An employer does not need to prove that there is no qualified American worker while hiring OPT and AT. If the student is applying for an H-1B visa, the employer must prove that the position falls under the ‘specialty occupation’ clause.

8. How long can international students stay in the US? The fact is that it purely depends on their visa and academic study choice.

  • Before or after graduation, F1 students can complete their CPT with an additional 12 months for OPT.
  • With a STEM degree, an international student will get an additional 2 years to pursue OPT.
  • International students cannot apply for OPT if they work for one year or more in CPT as full-time employees.
  • Students under a J1 visa can work for 18 months after their graduation. However, they are permitted to work part-time while studying.

The Bottom-line

International students are opportunists who will unleash their potential when given the slightest chance. If you want to acquire young talents, reach out to universities directly. Setting up an internship may work best for both the employer and the university. However, you can also offer jobs if you are sure about their capability and remarkable skill. At TechFetch OPT, we can help you with the hiring process as we have access to huge volumes of verified incredible minds. We are always here to make your mission a great success. Reach out to us today!

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